The tourism Alanya and Mersin

The tourism Alanya and Mersin

The tourism Alanya and Mersin

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The tourism of Alanya and Mersin Mediterranean region are the largest and richest cities. Of course, each region has its own beauties. we suggest you do not leave. The Mediterranean region is one of the places where you will come and see for a completely different summer pleasure with its sea, the green side, the air and the water. Tourism is in the foreground in both cities. It also hosts tourists from Germany, Belgium, Russia and many foreign countries. The places where Mersin hosts its summer guests the most are Kumkuyu, Ayaş, Kızkalesi, Susanoğlu, Limonlu, Erdemli Merkez, Arpaçbahşiş, Tömük.There are new and old buildings in these regions. It welcomes the summer guests from many countries and cities. Wouldn’t you like to evaluate your summer vacation in Mediterranean Region, Mersin, Alanya? You should be entitled to spend a holiday where you will get enough sea and sun, and even healing. As Vip Gayrimenkul Expert Staff, we are here for you to experience the holiday you deserve. We are interested in all real estate for sale or for rent, we work with all our meticulousness. We are waiting for you to have a coffee …

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