Ayaş Koç Holiday Site

Ayaş Koç Holiday Site

Ayaş Koç Holiday Site

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All the flats in Mersin virtuous Ayaş Koç site have sea view. It is located at the edge of 400 highway. It is a site with a pool and a car park. Site staff are available on the site.

There are flats with north-south, east-west facades. The flats on the site are 2 + 1.

Ayaş region is the region where the sea of Mersin is the most beautiful. It is the favorite of local foreign tourists who want to go on holiday.

Right next to the site, there is an underpass where you can pass to Ayaş public beach. You do not need to pass by the road to reach the beach.

There are many apartments for sale in the site.

Contact us for detailed information.

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