Mersin Erdemli Ayaş Liparis Holiday Sites

Mersin Erdemli Ayaş Liparis Holiday Sites

Mersin Erdemli Ayaş Liparis Holiday Sites

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Mersin Erdemli Ayaş Liparis Holiday Sites Located in Mersin Erdemli Ayaş region, Liparis Sungate, Liparis Sunrise, Liparis Neoplis, Liparis Neoplis 2, Liparis 4 are complex in the clear blue sea of ​​the Mediterranean. Liparis residences are generally a project consisting of foreigners, many of which are the owners of the aqua park, camellia, children’s playground, and large green landscape. Ayaş region is a region with less beaches with its clean bays and clear sea. One of the few sites with beaches is Neoplis, Liparis 4. Liparis housing structure consists of 3 + 1 and 2 + 1. Liparis residences increase the market value every year and are a very good choice for investment. Management is active in Liparis residences and site officers are permanent. If you want to own a house in the Liparis residences, one of the housing projects of Mersin, which is high in the summer, VİP GAYRİMENKUL is for you.

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