The beating heart of the Mediterranean region of Turkey

Erdemli's geographical position has made great contributions to existing tourism. 
It is surrounded by Mersin in the east, Silifke in the west, Karaman Province in the north and the Mediterranean in the south. 
It is on the Mersin-Silifke highway and 35 km from Mersin. Likewise, having historical buildings attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists. 
As a result of hosting many tribes and civilizations throughout the history, the district has a very rich historical and cultural assets. 
The main ones are the Kizkalesi, Korikos and Elauissa Sebaste ancient cities and surrounding castles, cisterns, aqueducts, churches, Ayaş amphitheater, 
Öküzlü, Kanlıdivane, Tavanören, İmirzelli, Akkale (Tirtar). Erdemli district is 36 km from Mersin. 1 km to the west and from the sea. 
It is a district established inside.It is one of the biggest districts of Mersin thanks to its active urbanization and construction. 
At the same time, Lamas stream, Sorgun stream, Karakız stream and Şahna stream canyons in the district of Erdemli are very suitable for doing nature 
sports and such activities. The livelihood of the people living in Erdemli district is based on animal husbandry, agriculture and tourism. 
One of the neighborhoods of Mersin Erdemli that contributes to tourism is the Tömük neighborhood. Tömük neighborhood can be called as 
small Mediterranean village. The summer population increases 30-40 times the winter population. In the town of Tömük, which is located about 30 kilometers 
from Mersin district, where summer sites are lined along the beach, many summer and tourism-promoting tourism destinations such as Flamingo 3,4,8, 
Ziya Erden site, Dimer houses, Gondol 1,2 holiday sites, Asis Marmaris site are located. The site is located in Tömük.There is no place to take steps especially on the coastline 
in the summer period. Many entertainment activities are organized. Like the Tömük neighborhood, Çeşmeli neighborhood, which contributes to tourism, is also one of the most preferred 
districts. The livelihood of the Fountain, which is 1 km from the beach, is on citrus. Lemon and orange are the most important crops grown. 
In addition, a great income is provided by growing products such as tomatoes, peppers, beans, garlic, broad beans, olives, apricots, peaches in the town. , Cool City Site, 
Sun City, Şirinkent Site, Yakamoz Holiday Site, Zorlular Site, Liparis Park Site.Alanya town, which is connected to Antalya district of Mediterranean Region, 
is the beating heart of tourism. Alanya town, which is flooded by local and foreign tourists, has always been requested. 
There is in Turkey's southern coast. Located 45 kilometers from Alanya to Alanya Gazipaşa Airport in Turkey in terms of geçmiştir.
turizm operations in 2012 with a share of nines percent of Foreigners in Turkey it has a share in the property purchase thirty bucks percent.
find everything from local products from Alanya resort annually 3.5 million tourist visitors edilmektedir.alany resort of live domestic and foreign 
Thanks to the warm climate for the public one of the many sporting activities and cultural events elverişlidir.türkiye's most important tourist resort of 
the Alanya International cuisine It is possible. Especially in the district center and around the beaches, restaurants, buffets and fast food companies 
serve all tastes. Although the prices are a bit high in the touristic regions, the food is quite high quality.Alanya town has many types and types of tourist
facilities, from facilities with a capacity of 1.000 people to huge facilities with a capacity of 3.500 people. 
The most important places of Alanya town are Alanya Castle.Red Tower, Historical shipyard, Old city area (Tophane), Kasra Baths, 
Süleymaniye Mosque, Andızlı Mosque, Damlataş Cave, Ethnography Museum, Archeology Museum, Cleopatra Beach, Syedra Ruins, Hıdırlık Tower, Leartis - Learti, 
Dzastiniano City, Aital Ancient City , Alara Palace, Sharavsin Caravanserai, Dim Cave, Girls Cave, Phosphorus Cave, City Castle Museum, Atatürk House Museum,
Damlataş beaches, Keykubat beach, Dim Stream, Sapadere Canyon, Alanya Aqua Park, Dolphinarium. Mahmutlar is a district in the district of Alanya in the 
province of Antalya. Leartes Antique City and Naula Antique City are located within the boundaries of the town. 
It is also known for the importance it attaches to its history. The economy of Mahmutlar neighborhood is completely dependent on tourism and agriculture. 
Every year, tourists from many countries, especially German, Russian and Norwegian tourists, flock to the region. 
tourism which contribute to Turkey's economy has become the most important source of livelihood for the Mediterranean region. 
It gains value day by day in terms of holiday, investment, trade and entertainment. 
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