Turkey Mersin Erdemli District Ayaş

Turkey Mersin Erdemli District Ayaş

Turkey Mersin Erdemli District Ayaş

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Ayaş is connected to the district of Erdemli in Mersin. Ayas is 18 km away from Erdemli and 55 km away from Mersin. All kinds of fruits and vegetables are grown in many lands of Ayas. Ayaş‘s most important source of income is tourism. Therefore, many summer houses were built in Ayas. One of the reasons Ayaş is preferred is Sultan Bay. Ayaş is flooded by local and foreign tourists in the summer months. Ayas Elissa, Sunget, Sunrise, Horoscopes, Yakamoz, Alkent, Marina, Golden Orange are extremely elite and you can enjoy summer sites. These sites in Ayas are located by the sea. Ayas has two beaches named Merdivenkuyu and Yemişkumu. Ayas is very colorful both night and day. Ayas is the right address for those who want to buy an apartment If you want to enjoy these beauties, you can contact us. VİP REAL ESTATE FAMILY

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