Kızudeesi Best and Newest Project Asude Houses

Kızudeesi Best and Newest Project Asude Houses

Kızudeesi Best and Newest Project Asude Houses

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Kızudeesi Best and Newest Project Asude Houses Kızkalesi Asude houses are built on 1 acre. Most of the land on which Asude houses are located is allocated for green space. Asude houses are about 200 meters from the sea. Asude houses are located on a wide area and there are indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sauna, turkish bath, fitness center, tennis court, basketball court, children’s playgrounds, table tennis. Apartments in Asude houses are numbered 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 rooms. Asude houses are 30 km from the center of Mersin. Kızkalesi is quite vibrant in the summer and is a place where social activities are intense. Asude houses are the most preferred and demanded site of Kizkalesi. Kizkalesi is a historical and touristic place and is at the crossroads. With the story of Kızkalesi, which is the subject of epics, many tourists flock to the region every year. Take your place in the projects created against the famous Kızkalesi, which has preserved its historical texture. VİP GAYRİMENKUL

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