Mersin Erdemli Tömük Cilicia Site

Mersin Erdemli Tömük Cilicia Site

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Mersin Erdemli Tömük Cilicia Site

The Kilikya site in Mersin Erdemli Tömük is located on the seafront and has a wide green landscape. There is an active management and site officer on the Kilikya site. Kilikya site has large parking lot, barbecue areas, pool, children’s playground, camellias. Cilicia site is a very calm and decent site. Kilikya site consists of 2 blocks and 10 floors. Apartments in Kilikya site have full sea view. Kilikya site is 5-10 years old and it is one of the newest sites among the seaside sites. There are fish restaurants, shopping centers around Kilikya site. The Cilicia site is also 150 meters from the main road, and transportation is very easy. The sites around Kilikya site are Flamingo2, Tropical holiday site, flamingo 4 Flamingo 8. We are here for you for all your transactions related to the purchase and sale of real estate in Kilikya.

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