TURKEY Mersin virtuous Ayas Liparis Sungate Site

TURKEY Mersin virtuous Ayas Liparis Sungate Site

TURKEY Mersin virtuous Ayas Liparis Sungate Site

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Liparis Sungate site is located in Mersin Erdemli Ayaş. Liparis Sungate site is one of the most favorite sites of Ayaş. Liparis Sungate was built in a complex modern architecture consisting of 14 floors, 14 blocks and 234 apartments. Liparis Sungate site is located at the seaside. General features of Liparis Sungate site; Garden and Park, Elevator, Market, Open Parking. Social areas of Liparis Sungate site are outdoor swimming pool, social facilities, meeting hall, restaurant, cafe, playground, fitness center, football field, volleyball court, basketball court, walking track. Liparis Sungate site is also a highly developed site in terms of security. There are safe entrance, steel door, fire and smoke detector, security cameras, automatic fire extinguishing system, closed circuit video system, 24 hour security, video intercom system. Liparis Sungate site is one of the few sites preferred by local and foreign tourists. Liparis Sungate site has central hot water, water tank, natural gas, 24-hour technical service, lightning rod, fiber optic internet infrastructure, central cable tv, technical service, air conditioning, generator, satellite tv infrastructure, hydrophore. From the moment you choose Liparis Sungate site, you will be filled with endless peace and trust. If you want to own an apartment in Liparis Sungate site, we are here.


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