Mersin Erdemli Ayaş Seafront Elissa Holiday Site

Mersin Erdemli Ayaş Seafront Elissa Holiday Site

Mersin Erdemli Ayaş Seafront Elissa Holiday Site

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Mersin Erdemli Ayaş Seafront Elissa Holiday Site

Elissa holiday site located in Mersin Erdemli Ayaş is zero to both the sea and the main road. The elissa site, which is one of the newest sites in the region, has a wide green landscape.

Elissa site has a private pier for the residents. At the Elissa site, management is also active and there are site officials.

There are 1 + 1,2 + 1, 3 + 1 apartments on the Elissa site. There is a Denizsuyu Fish restaurant around the Elissa site. There are also breakfast rooms around the Elissa site. Transportation is very easy since it is zero to the main road.

* 1 Name. Big Pool
* 1 Name. Kiddie pool
* 1 Name. Skateboard
* Beachfront Swimming Platform
* It was established on an area of ​​7800 m2 and 75% of this area was designed as a green area.
* There are 24-hour staff on the site.

Elissa site welcomes domestic and foreign property owners every year.

There is a clean bay in front of the Elissa holiday site, which is a seaside site, where you can swim.

We are here for you for your Vip Real Estate expert consultant staff for your real estate purchase and sale process on Elissa site.

Quality housing is everyone’s right.

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